Monday, May 28, 2012

The walking dead live in Miami

Police: Naked man chewed off victim's face........

Coming straight out of Miami, i have reports on a naked man chewing another mans face off. Police say they were responding to a call on a Miami freeway and found a naked man chewing and biting another man who was on the ground. Despite being told to back off and being wounded, the naked man continued to eat his victim and even growled at police. Fortunately, the officers were able to kill him. Before you go off and say "what an insensitive twit", let me just give you my reasons. I have been waiting for the zombie apocalypse for years now. To think that another sane or insane for that matter, individual can eat a living human being (and growl for Christ's sake) and just be on "drugs" or "sick" is completely impossible. Cannibals primarily consume human flesh after the person is deceased, so there goes that idea. sources say the victim must have been on some type of drug that induced heat which caused him to undress. How many times do you think i have rolled over and took a chunk out of my boyfriend just because i was hot? (Okay, maybe once, that's another topic) it just doesn't make sense. You know there will be some sort of story the media puts out to play it down, the police haven't even released any information on the attacker or victim, who by the way is clinging to life at some nearby hospital. So its official, and you heard it from me first, the zombie apocalypse kicks off in Miami. I hope you are ready.
before I go, I wanted to let you guys know about an amazing author who has written one of the best works of art ever. His name is Mark Tufo, and he is the author of Zombie Fallout. If you have not heard of him, head over to and check his work out.

questions and comments are welcome. picture courtesy of fox news.